Regular attendance in the virtual classroom is essential for students to fully engage with the curriculum and maximize their learning potential. By actively participating in online classes, students can benefit from valuable interactions with teachers and peers, access educational resources, and contribute to a dynamic and collaborative learning environment.

In the event of an absence, we have established clear guidelines to ensure effective communication and maintain transparency between the school and parents/guardian:

  • Planned Absence: If a student has a scheduled medical or dental appointment, we consider this an authorised absence as long as the pupil's parent/guardian notifies the school in advance of the appointment. We encourage parents/guardians to provide prior notification to facilitate appropriate arrangements and minimize any disruption to the student's learning experience.
  • Unplanned Absence: In the case of an unplanned absence, we kindly request that the pupil's parent/guardian promptly notify the school on the first day of absence or as soon as practically possible. Timely communication enables us to keep accurate attendance records and ensures that appropriate support can be provided to the student.

We recognize the importance of consistent attendance in nurturing academic progress, social connections, and overall student well-being. By prioritizing attendance, we aim to create a positive and engaging learning environment that supports each student's educational journey.