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Step into a world of possibilities with our comprehensive three-year online programme, providing a complete Lower School (KS3) education for students in years 7-9. With live, face-to-face online courses, following the renowned Cambridge Curriculum, our programme sets the foundation for academic success.


English Language

The English Language course is designed to foster a lifelong enthusiasm for reading, writing, and effective spoken commu....

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English as a Second Language

This course, teaches learners how to communicate confidently and effectively. Through this course, learners develop the ....

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This course fosters analytical thinking and enhances reasoning abilities, empowering students to develop critical proble....

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This course fosters a lifelong curiosity in learners about the natural world, nurturing their ability to explore and und....

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The Computing course provides learners with a comprehensive understanding of how computers work. Through engaging lesson....

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Art & Design

The Art & Design course offers learners a platform for self-expression, fostering imagination, creativity, and the d....

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In this course, learners are provided with opportunities to express themselves and understand the significance of commun....

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Physical Education

This course emphasizes the importance of regular physical exercise for overall well-being and academic performance. In t....

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KS3 timetable

Period Schedule Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
08.30 Assembly/Meeting with Success Coach Assembly/Meeting with Success Coach Assembly/Meeting with Success Coach Assembly/Meeting with Success Coach Assembly/Meeting with Success Coach
Period 1 9:00 Computing English MFL Maths History
Period 2 10:00 History Independent Study Hour Reading
Long Break 11:00 Break Break Break Break Break
Period 3 11:30 Science Maths English Science
Period 4 12:30 Maths Global Perspective Geography Independent Study Hour Geography
Lunch Break 13:30 Break Break Break Break Break
Period 5 14:00 English Science PSHE MFL Computing
Extra-curricular Activities 15:00 Club Club Club Club Club

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