Qualifications Overview

Qualifications Overview

London Stars College is a prestigious Higher Education Institute in the UK, authorized by the official governmental body, Ofqual, to offer accredited online education. It is also recognized as a Cambridge International School, accredited by Cambridge Education. Alongside Cambridge education, our institution holds the privilege to award accredited foundation (equivalent to post-high school) and top-up diplomas for higher education transition. These diplomas pave the way for students to pursue university education and career opportunities in the UK.

UK Foundation Diploma

One of our prominent offerings is the UK Foundation Diploma. This one-year programme accredited by the UK's official accreditation body, is equivalent to a high school diploma plus an international examination. It enables students to apply directly to universities in the UK without the need for a high school equivalence certificate or international exam scores. The diploma guarantees acceptance to over twenty universities in the UK and is recognized in countries outside the UK as well.

The programmecovers various fields such as Business, Economics, IT, Data Analysis, Programming, and Cybersecurity. It entails a one-year duration with 60 UK credits, 300 hours of guided remote study, video-supported materials, a total of 12 courses, 4 midterm assessments, and 1 graduation project. Upon graduation, students receive diplomas that guarantee acceptance to universities in the UK.

Level 4 Qualification Diploma

Moreover, we offer the Level 4 Qualification Diploma, corresponding to the first year of a bachelor's degree. This one-year programmeallows students who obtain the diploma online from us to directly enroll in the second year of a university in the UK, representing an accredited version of the traditional horizontal transfer process

This programmecomprises 120 UK credits, 600 hours of guided remote study, video lessons, 9 midterm assessments, and 1 graduation project. Students aged 17 and above are eligible to enroll, and the diploma guarantees university admission.

Cost and Financial Advantages

Our programmesare designed to be a cost-effective alternative to traditional university education in the UK, providing high-quality education at a fraction of the typical expenses. This approach ensures that students can access top-tier education without the financial strain often associated with studying abroad.

Enrollment Requirements

Students aged 16 and above can enroll in our Foundation programmes. For the Level 4 programme the minimum age is 17. We provide guidance to ensure that students reach the necessary English proficiency level (IELTS-5.5pt) required for admission to universities in the UK.

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