Supporting Special Needs & Disabilities

We are committed to ensuring equal opportunity for everyone. We firmly believe that every student, regardless of their individual needs or disabilities, deserves a supportive and inclusive educational environment. Therefore, LSC makes comprehensive arrangements to accommodate and cater to the specific requirements of students with special educational needs and/or disabilities.

Assessment at LSC is used diagnostically, allowing us to gain valuable insights into each student's learning profile and tailor our support accordingly. Through a range of assessment methods, including observations, consultations, and formal evaluations, we gather information to develop a holistic understanding of each student's strengths, challenges, and support needs.

Once special educational needs are identified, we work closely with students, parents, and relevant professionals to create personalized support plans. These plans outline the necessary interventions, accommodations, and strategies to facilitate optimal learning outcomes. Our dedicated staff members are trained to provide targeted support, ensuring that students with special educational needs receive the individual attention and resources they require to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.

At LSC, we foster a culture of inclusivity, empathy, and respect. We celebrate diversity and value the unique contributions of every student. Our commitment to equal opportunity extends to our admissions process, where all pupils who meet the requirements, including those with special educational needs and/or disabilities, are warmly welcomed into our school community.