Level 4 Diploma in Psychology

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The Stars College Level 4 Diploma in Psychology offers a comprehensive study of key psychological aspects. With a focus on foundational topics and contemporary research, learners gain a well-rounded knowledge that prepares them for further study and careers in the field.

Assessment and verification

All units within the Stars College Level 4 Diploma in Psychology are subject to internal assessment by the center and external verification by Stars College. The qualifications are criterion-referenced, evaluating learners based on the fulfillment of specified learning outcomes. To achieve a 'pass' for a unit, learners must present evidence demonstrating fulfillment of all learning outcomes and meeting the standards specified by assessment criteria. The Assessor is responsible for judging whether learners have successfully met the assessment criteria, and they should provide an audit trail showcasing how the overall achievement judgment for learners has been determined.

English Language Expectations

To thrive in our English-taught and assessed qualifications, learners are required to exhibit English language proficiency equivalent to IELTS (International English Language Testing System) 5.5. This level of comprehension is deemed essential for effective engagement with our academic programs.


Scope of Psychology

The Level 4 Diploma in Psychology introduces learners to the comprehensive scope of psychology, encompassing various the....

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Introduction to Social and Developmental Psychology

The Level 4 Diploma in Psychology, with a focus on Introduction to Social and Developmental Psychology, offers learners ....

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The Biopsychology course explores the intricate relationship between biology and psychology, delving into the biological....

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The Development of Attachments

The Level 4 Diploma in Psychology course focuses on developing learners' understanding of the development of attachments....

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Processes of Human Memory

The Level 4 Diploma in Psychology: Processes of Human Memory course delves into the intricacies of human memory processe....

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Research Methods and Investigating Psychology

The Level 4 Diploma in Psychology with a focus on Research Methods and Investigating Psychology is designed to enhance l....

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