Level 5 Extended Diploma in Business Management

Knowledge Enhances Business Success
Empowering Future Business Leaders


Innovation Through Practical Learning


Unlock Your Business Potential


Elevate Your Career Path

Starscollege Level 5 Extended Diploma in Business Management is your pathway to success in the business sector. It equips learners with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to excel in their chosen career or further studies.


Successful completion of the StarsCollege Level 5 Extended Diploma in Business Management provides learners the opportunity for a wide range of academic progressions including the StarsCollege Level 6 Diploma in Business Management qualification. Learners are eligible to gain direct entry into Year 3 of a three-year UK Bachelor’s degree programme.

English Language Expectations

Success in our English-taught qualifications requires learners to possess a sufficient level of English language skills. Applicants must demonstrate English language comprehension equivalent to IELTS (International English Language Testing System) 5.5 to be eligible for enrollment in our programs.


To achieve the StarsCollege Level 5 Extended Diploma in Business Management, learners must achieve 240 credits, of which 120 credits are at Level 4 (6 units) and 120 credits are at Level 5 (6 units).


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