Course Information

Course Description

The French course focuses on developing learners' knowledge, understanding, and skills in various aspects. It covers in-depth subject content, fosters independent thinking, and emphasises the application of knowledge and understanding to both familiar and new situations. Students will engage in handling and evaluating different types of information sources, thinking logically, presenting coherent arguments, making judgements and recommendations, and communicating effectively in English. Throughout the course, learners will gain fluency, accuracy, and confidence in using the French language.

Course Objectives

The objectives of this course are to:

  • Develop the ability to comprehend French in different registers.
  • Enable students to communicate confidently and clearly in French.
  • Establish a strong foundation of skills, language, and attitudes necessary for further study, work, and leisure.
  • Foster insights into the culture and civilisation of French-speaking countries, including the study of relevant literary texts.
  • Encourage positive attitudes towards language learning and a respectful approach to other cultures and civilisations.
  • Support intellectual and personal development by promoting learning and social skills.


Course Outline

The course encompasses a diverse range of topics, including human relationships, family dynamics, generation gap, youth culture, daily life patterns, urban and rural lifestyles, media influence, gastronomy, law and order, philosophical concepts, health and fitness, work-life balance, equal opportunities, employment trends, sports, leisure activities, travel and tourism, education systems, cultural heritage, war and peace, socio-economic development, scientific advancements, technological innovations, environmental issues, conservation efforts, pollution concerns, and contemporary aspects of French-speaking countries.

Student Acquisitions

Upon completion of the course, students can expect to:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the French language in various contexts.
  • Communicate confidently and effectively in spoken and written French.
  • Develop a solid foundation of skills, language, and attitudes applicable to further study, professional pursuits, and personal growth.
  • Deepen their knowledge of the culture and civilisation of French-speaking countries, including the analysis of literary texts where relevant.
  • Cultivate a positive and respectful mindset towards language learning and an appreciation for diverse cultures.
  • Enhance intellectual and personal development through the promotion of learning and social skills.


Learning Methodologies

The course employs a variety of effective learning methodologies, including:

  • Interactive online lessons
  • Language immersion activities
  • Reading and analysing authentic texts
  • Listening and comprehension exercises
  • Role-plays and oral presentations
  • Writing assignments and essay compositions
  • Group discussions and debates
  • Cultural exploration and research projects
  • Regular assessments and feedback for progress evaluation