Course Information

Course Description

The Music course provides learners with opportunities to engage in listening, performing, and composing music, fostering aesthetic and emotional development, self-discipline, and creativity. Through this course, learners enhance their appreciation and enjoyment of music, establishing a strong foundation for future studies and lifelong musical fulfillment.

Course Objectives

The objectives of this course are to enable learners to acquire and consolidate a range of fundamental musical skills, knowledge, and understanding through activities such as listening, performing, and composing. Additionally, learners develop a perceptive and critical response to the main historical periods and styles of Western music, gain familiarity with selected non-Western musical traditions to appreciate cultural diversity, and establish a foundation for informed music appreciation and further study at an advanced level.

Course Outline

The Music course covers a wide range of musical styles, with a focus on placing each style in its historical and cultural context. Learners are encouraged to develop perceptive, sensitive, and critical listening skills. While the syllabus predominantly explores Western European music, it also incorporates the music of other cultures to promote cultural awareness and understanding.

Student Acquisitions

By the end of this course, learners will:

  • Acquire and consolidate basic musical skills, knowledge, and understanding through listening, performing, and composing activities.
  • Develop a perceptive and critical response to the main historical periods and styles of Western music.
  • Recognize and appreciate the music of selected non-Western traditions, fostering an understanding of cultural similarities and differences.
  • Establish a foundation for the informed appreciation of music and future studies in music at an advanced level.


Learning Methodologies

The course employs a variety of learning methodologies to engage learners effectively. These include interactive listening exercises, opportunities for practical music performance, and creative composition tasks. Learners will explore music from diverse genres, analyze music in its historical and cultural context, and develop critical listening and analytical skills. The course also encourages collaborative learning and provides guidance for independent exploration and study.