Course Information

Course Description

This course fosters analytical thinking and enhances reasoning abilities, empowering students to develop critical problem-solving skills. By nurturing a lifelong enthusiasm for analytical and rational thinking, we equip students with a strong foundation in mathematics that extends beyond the classroom.

Course Objectives

The objectives of this course are to develop learners' holistic understanding of mathematics, focusing on principles, patterns, systems, functions, and relationships. Students will gain mathematical competency and fluency in computation, enabling them to apply their skills to real-life situations.

Course Outline

The course is divided into three main areas that span throughout the Lower School mathematics curriculum:

  • 1. Number
  • 2. Algebra, Geometry, and Measurement
  • 3. Statistics and Probability


These areas work collaboratively to help students recognise the interconnections of mathematical concepts. Students engage in creative mathematical thinking to develop and enhance their numerical fluency.

Student Acquisitions

Through this course, students will:

  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of mathematical concepts
  • Acquire mathematical competence and fluency in computation
  • Apply mathematical thinking to everyday situations
  • Engage in critical thinking, challenge ideas, and provide evidence to support conjectures and solutions
  • Build connections between various facts, procedures, and concepts, fostering higher-order thinking and a mathematical perspective of the world.


Learning Methodologies

  • Encouraging students to actively think and work mathematically
  • Promoting discussions and collaborative learning to develop a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts
  • Emphasising the development of connections between different mathematical ideas and their practical applications
  • Cultivating creative and analytical thinking skills through problem-solving activities and tasks
  • Providing opportunities for students to improve their numerical fluency through hands-on practice and exploration.