Course Information

Course Description

In this course, learners are provided with opportunities to express themselves and understand the significance of communication as they connect with fellow musicians and audiences. Through exploration, performance, and appreciation, learners engage with music as performers, composers, and informed listeners. The course fosters leadership, collaboration, and self-confidence.

Course Objectives

  • Cultivate the joy of music through meaningful and enjoyable experiences.
  • Develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to contribute as musicians.
  • Collaborate with others purposefully and expressively through singing and playing instruments.
  • Nurture individual and collective creativity.
  • Utilise growing knowledge to explore and generate unique, relevant, and valuable music.


Course Outline

  • Flexible performance options: Singing, playing musical instruments, using found objects, and music technology.
  • Emphasis on experiencing music from diverse cultures and exploring music from different times and places.


Student Acquisitions

By the end of the course, students will:

  • Develop creative skills applicable to future learning and personal growth.
  • Showcase proficiency in their chosen musical performances.
  • Demonstrate leadership and collaboration skills through ensemble participation.
  • Cultivate individual and collective creativity in music creation.
  • Reflect on their performances and seek improvement through formative feedback.


Learning Methodologies

  • Formative feedback is provided by teachers through discussion, observation, and lesson outputs.
  • Encouragement of reflection and improvement in student performances.


This course is designed to offer flexibility, allowing learners to engage with music from their own culture while also exploring music from various historical periods and geographical regions.