Course Information

Course Description

This course emphasizes the importance of regular physical exercise for overall well-being and academic performance. In this course, we aim to establish solid exercise habits that form the basis of an active and healthy lifestyle.

Course Objectives

  • Foster confidence, control, fluency, and variety in movement
  • Enhance understanding of concepts, rules, tactics, strategies, and compositional ideas
  • Encourage respectful and responsible participation in physical activities
  • Promote knowledge and appreciation of the benefits of physical education for a healthy and active lifestyle
  • Develop transferable skills for physical, cognitive, and social development, cultivating independence and critical thinking


Course Outline

Our Physical Education curriculum encompasses a diverse range of age-appropriate activities, including games, team sports, gymnastics, and dance. Students will engage in cooperative, competitive, athletic, adventurous, and health-based contexts tailored to their learning stage. Emphasis is placed on promoting learners' confidence, self-esteem, cognitive abilities, and social skills through active participation in each lesson.

Student Acquisitions

  • Develop creative skills beneficial for future learning and personal growth
  • Gain an understanding of the positive impact of physical education on overall well-being
  • Improve movement abilities and self-awareness through reflective and critical thinking


Learning Methodologies

Our teachers provide constructive feedback to students, focusing on the development of specific skills. Feedback is delivered through discussions, observations, and lesson outputs, enabling students to reflect on their performance and identify areas for further improvement. The course encourages active participation, self-reflection, and continuous growth.