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Experience the excellence of our Secondary School programme, designed to deliver a comprehensive online education for students in years 10-11. Immerse yourself in the complete Secondary School (KS4) aligned with the Cambridge curriculum, establishing a strong academic foundation to propel your educational journey forward.



The Spanish course for Cambridge Secondary School is a comprehensive program designed to develop students' proficiency i....

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In the Sociology course, learners will explore various aspects of social relationships, processes, and structures, gaini....

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The Physics course provides learners with a deep understanding of the technological world in which they live and nurture....

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The Music course provides learners with opportunities to engage in listening, performing, and composing music, fostering....

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The Mathematics course aims to develop learners' mathematical ability as a key life skill and provide a strong basis for....

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The Latin course aims to develop learners' understanding of Latin and its influence on modern European languages. Throug....

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The History course explores significant international issues of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, delving into spe....

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In the Geography course, learners will develop a comprehensive understanding of the world around them at local, regional....

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The French course is specifically designed for students learning French as a foreign language. Its primary aim is to dev....

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Literature in English

This course provides learners with the opportunity to engage with literary texts, developing their skills in reading, in....

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English Language

This course offers learners the opportunity to develop clear, accurate, and effective communication skills in both spoke....

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English as an Additional Language

The English as an Additional Language course is designed to help learners develop practical language skills and build co....

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The Economics course develops a comprehensive understanding of economic theory, terminology, and principles. Learners ex....

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Computer Science

The Computer Science course provides learners with an opportunity to develop their interest in computational thinking an....

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The Chemistry course provides learners with a comprehensive understanding of the technological world and fosters an info....

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Business Studies

The Business Studies course develops learners' understanding of business activity in both the public and private sectors....

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In this course, learners will explore and understand the fascinating world of biology, developing a comprehensive unders....

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Art & Design

The Art & Design course aims to foster a personal response by stimulating imagination, sensitivity, conceptual think....

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KS4 Sample Timetable

Students studying Chemistry, English, Maths, History, Business, Biology, and French

Period Schedule Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
08.30 Assembly/Meeting with Success Coach Assembly/Meeting with Success Coach Assembly/Meeting with Success Coach Assembly/Meeting with Success Coach Assembly/Meeting with Success Coach
Period 1 08.30 – 09.20 Maths Live Lesson Bussiness Live Lesson History Live Lesson English Self- Study Chemistry Self- Study
Period 2 09.30 – 10:20 Biology Self- Study Maths Self- Study Chemistry Self-Study Business Self- Study English Live Lesson
Long Break 10:20-10.50 Break Break Break Break Break
Period 3 10.50-11.40 English Live Lesson Biology Live Lesson Maths Live Lesson French Self- Study Bussiness Live Lesson
Period 4 11.50 – 12.40 History Self- Study English Self- Study Biology Live Lesson Maths Self- Study Live PSHE
Lunch Break 12.40-13.20 Break Break Break Break Break
Period 5 13.20-14.10 French Live Lesson History Self- Study English Live Lesson Chemistry Live Lesson Maths Live Lesson
Extra-curricular Activities 14.20-15.00 Club Club Club Club Club

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